UnCONventional is a comic that tells the story of the staff of the fictional Anime Convention “Bork Con” in a smaller northern Wisconsin college town.

The Main Cast


Max: [ All Appearances ]
Max is drifting along through life, and lacks any real sense of direction. He co-founded Bork Con with Phil and some other friends, and is the public face of the event. Something of a convention legend at this point, Max is often confused by how well known he is.

Lynn: [ All Appearances ]
Lynn is a cynic, and her common reaction to most things is snark. She’s actually a nice person at heart, but her need for sarcasm is much deeper than her need for compassion. Lynn acts as the convention’s Staffing Manager as well as the convention Secretary.

Veronica [ All Appearances ]
Veronica has a lot of history with Bork Con, and has been slowly moving up the ranks. She is Max’s exgirlfriend, and has (according to Max at least) attempted to kill him on at least two occasions.

It is entirely possible Max is exaggerating about that though.

Megan Megan [ All Appearances ]
Megan is a bit listless sometimes. She drifted through college, and doesn’t really know what the heck she wants to do with her life. For a long time Megan tended bar at The Durango, Max’s favorite bar. After years of going to the con and volunteering, she eventually joined Bork Con staff…

…because Lynn talked her into it. And Megan would walk into a burning house for Lynn.

Ruth Ruth [ All Appearances ]
Ruth never gets a break. She’s a full time student at Clearwater University, works at the local used video game store almost full time, and occasionally find the time to sleep. Putting herself through school leaves time for very little else in her life, but she decided to spend her remaining free time with the con.

She finds all of you fascinating.


Former Main Cast


Phil Phil: [ All Appearances ]
Main Cast Chapters 1-4, Secondary Cast Chapter 5-
Phil co-founded Bork Con with his best friend Max and a few of their friends. Married and in a stable job, Phil feels perpetually old when surrounded by a staff that keeps putting him in charge. Phil was the Con Director for about half the Bork Cons that have happened, and when all else fails, people ask him what they should be doing.

Tara: [ All Appearances ]
Main Cast Chapters 1-4
Tara was a student at Clearwater University (where Bork Con was founded and holds its organizational meetings) who had been attending Bork Con for years. She finally joined staff, and learned how different it is to be behind the scenes at an event like this.


Bork Con Staff

Awesome Roy [ All Appearances ]
Awesome Roy is the Bork Con head of Table Top Gaming. Well meaning but slightly myopic, Awesome Roy rarely thinks outside of his own little world when it come to the con. He also occasionally refers to himself in the third person and gave himself a nickname, which is admittedly a bit weird.

Glenn [ All Appearances ]
Glenn is the Bork Con equipment head. In his fifties, he’s led a strange life. He’s fairly secretive though, so no one on staff really seems to know much about him. Glenn likes to lift weights and drink water… and he just might show you his book collection.

Sunny [ All Appearances ]
Sunny (real name Amy – but absolutely no one calls her that) is the art head for Bork Con, and she talks really, really, really quickly. She can also be a bit… intense.

Maggie [ All Appearances ]
Maggie runs Bork Con’s Video Game room. That’s… that’s what we know. She is really into it, and is known to lug large amounts of VGR equipment in her van for no appropriate reason.

“Scrappy” [ All Appearances ]
His name is actually Bill, but has been now dubbed “Scrappy” by Max. He does whatever job is assigned to him… and… well… he’s Scrappy.

Barnes [ All Appearances ]
A Student at Clearwater University, Tim Barnes is local to Eau De Puanteur, WI. He’s a bit of a dick.

Noble [ All Appearances ]
Martin Noble is best friends with Barnes despite Barnes being a bit of a dick (and the unfortunate last name jokes that can be made). Noble’s a decent guy, if a little wide-eyed.

Sarah Park [ All Appearances ]
Sarah is in a good mood.

Gary [ All Appearances ]
No one remembers Gary.

Former Staff

Jillian [ All Appearances ]
Jillian was in charge of the anime theaters for Bork Con for a long time, and took it very seriously. She also has terrible boundaries though, and an odd taste for Hentai. On the plus side at least she isn’t Larry.

Larry [ All Appearances ]
Larry is creepy. Larry is very creepy. Larry is very, very creepy. He’s friends with Awesome Roy, and ran the Bork Con website. He is also very, very, very creepy.

Marcus [ All Appearances ]
Marcus co-founded Bork Con with Max, Phil and Will back in the day. He’s not really involved anymore, but he still shows up every year to pitch in. Marcus has also known Lynn since she was a little kid, and is pretty much the reason she got involved in the con in the first place.

Terry [ All Appearances ]
She was dating Marcus in 2002. That’s all you need to really know.

Will [ All Appearances ]
Will co-founded Bork Con, but hasn’t been to one in years. He’s likely off being happy in his life or something. Sucker.

Jenna [ All Appearances ]
Jenna was a staff member for the first Bork Con, and was Max’s fiance.

Bilbo [ All Appearances ]
Bilbo tried to start his own gaming convention, but it failed miserably. He later joined Bork Con staff for at least the first convention. What happened to him after that? Who knows.

Other Characters

Jim [ All Appearances ]
Jim is a staffer for Unagi Con, another convention in the region.

Patty [ All Appearances ]
Patty is married to Phil, and doesn’t really get involved with conventions… so we don’t see her all that often.

Jeff [ All Appearances ]
Jeff needs to stop visiting Lynn’s desk at work. Seriously.

There are other characters too… but these are the important ones. I guess. Maybe. I’m not really sure anymore.